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Monday18 December 2017

Banner Ads

To help promote College Goal Sunday. Please download the banner ads below and link back to the College Goal Sunday website at http://www.collegegoalsunday.org.

You can download the image direct or copy the code between [embed code] and [/embed code] to paste into your webpage.

2017 nov cgs banner ads 300x100

[embed code] <a href="http://collegegoalsunday.org"><img src="http://volunteerindianacgs.org/images/banners-web/2017_Nov_CGS_Banner_Ads_300x100.jpg"></a> [/embed code]

2017 nov cgs banner ads 300x250 

[embed code] <a href="http://collegegoalsunday.org"><img src="http://volunteerindianacgs.org/images/banners-web/2017_Nov_CGS_Banner_Ads_300x250.jpg"></a> [/embed code]

  2017 nov cgs banner ads 180x150


[embed code] <a href="http://collegegoalsunday.org"><img src="http://volunteerindianacgs.org/images/banners-web/2017_Nov_CGS_Banner_Ads_180x150.jpg"></a> [/embed code]

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